Work Appropriate Looks to Beat Summer’s Heat

It’s hard to know what to wear when you’re rushing to work on a steamy streetcar one minute, then sitting at your desk in the cranked up air conditioning the next. With such extreme changes in our daily climate, it really does beg the question, “What I am supposed to wear in this heat?” Fret not, pals, we have some ideas the next time we experience a summer heatwave. We’re prepping for hazy, hot days by pulling together some outfit inspiration from our favourite style stars. 

Mostly for the younger set, and those with lax office policies when it comes to wardrobe, test out the modern take on the crop top. What’s classy about this look is that only a millimetre of skin is actually showing. So if your boss won’t have a hissy, what are you waiting for?

Why relegate your LBD to the cocktail menu? Channel Ms. Moss by sporting a simple black dress to the office for the day. (Please do up the zipper, mind you!)

Office-appropriate shorts have been popping up at almost every store. But what you pair with them is the best ingredient for a work-friendly look. Closed-toe loafers, a shirt and blazer say sophisticated but cool (as in temperature not attitude) attire. 

As most of us know, you really can’t go wrong with a well-fitting sheath dress, and one with three-quarter length or cap sleeves with will protect your shoulders from the AC breeze!

Helena Christensen, long-sleeved sheath dress

Gents, we know you weren’t paying attention to anything #RoyalBaby related, but if there was one stylish takeaway, it’s that guys look great in rolled-up sleeves. Thank you, Prince William!


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