Wondereur Uncovers the Picassos Next Door

Let’s face it: it’s tough to breakout as an artist. Countless talent goes undiscovered while walls of art enthusiasts remain bare as they search for that perfect but practically priced piece. Now, there’s a new app in town that bring artists and technology together to make art more accessible and uncover hidden talent. 

Wondereur is a new art magazine/app that showcases the work of noteworthy artists as selected by established international talent spotters. Each artist’s story highlights their art in detail and provides an in-depth, intimate look into what inspires their work. The platform is also a storefront, so anyone with access to an iPad can purchase his or her favourite works of art easily, enabling collectors to obtain art from around the world that is usually only sold in local galleries. As fun as local gallery hopping is, some young professionals simply don’t have the time or patience to partake. Wondereur has also recently launched its web version of the app, which can be found on the website. 

Perfect for the young professional who wants to purchase art but doesn’t know where to start or how to discover emerging artists, the product is the result of a collaboration between co-founders Olivier Berger, Sophie Perceval and Angelica Fox, along with an international team of developers, designers, journalists and entrepreneurs. 

“Today with so much information and all the noise that surrounds us, it is difficult for artists to stand out from the crowd,” says Perceval. “It’s also often difficult for someone interested in art to discover the great work that’s in the making sometimes right next door.”

It begins with talent spotters – leading artists and professionals from around the world – who share insider’s tips on who to watch in their local art scene, discovering and endorsing artists who may be under the radar but have exceptional talent. To ensure the integrity and objectivity in their recommendations, none of the curators are paid for their suggestions. Once an artist is selected, he or she is interviewed and an in-depth documentary-style photo essay is created with the help of a team of designers and journalists who also shape the artist’s biographical material and the insights of the talent spotter. Each artist is featured exclusively by Wondereur for a three-week period.

So far, there are Wondereur curators and talent spotters in New York, Toronto and Paris, with plans to expand to other international cities in the next year, bringing top‐level local with the Picassos next door accessible any time and any place.