Women’s Summer Style: The Slip Dress

Womenswear’s new take on the minimalism of the 1990s is encouraging even young professional ladies to slip on one of the most iconic sexy staples. Short, long, fitted or oversized, the slip dress is prevailing in a major way.

Developing from the underwear as outerwear trend that dominated over the last few years, the simple silhouette and skinny spaghetti straps of the slip dress have women looking clean, classic and elegantly sexy. Designers from DKNY to Dolce & Gabbana stripped down and presented their take on the slip dress, showing off their versions in prints, bold colors, minimal hues and sultry fabrics. But how do you wear this trend without looking like you just rolled out of bed?

Avoid slips with too much lace detailing and pair with pieces that have an opposing look. Keep in mind that layering is key. For a more casual take, pair with a denim jacket or a plaid flannel and combat boots or sneakers to help balance the ensemble. On a formal occasion, class up your ensemble by opting for a structured blazer, timeless stilettos and elegant accessories. Go bold by topping your frock off with a leather jacket and ankle boots; for a more work-appropriate spin, try your slip over a white blouse.

This summer, the slip dress is a sleek, chic and understated staple for every YP to embrace as a complete look that should not be shown off just behind close doors.


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