Women Are Responding to Man-Caves By Building Beautiful She-Sheds

We all need a little sanctuary now and again. A place where we can kick back, relax and just… be.

Gentlemen have long established their man caves – but where does that leave us women?

No, we don’t want ‘girl-caves’ – we’re grown-ass women for goodness sake. And since ‘woman-cave’ brings to mind the bunker from which the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt escapes a doomsday cult, we needed a whole new word for our feminine refuge. Luckily the world has come up with a much better alternative.

Allow us to present: The She-shed. (That’s what she said.)

Photo: StudioShed

She sheds are lady havens that tend to live in the backyard and can be used when women feel the need for a little R&R.

These dwellings are intended so that women can escape their homes this spring – and indeed, all seasons, provided they come with a roof. They can be customised to exactly the sort of space you want, whether that’s an outdoor office, a yoga lounge, or a studio to paint in.

You can build a little porch or patio and add some plants and furniture to tie up the look (if you have enough space in your backyard.)

If you need help getting started there’s this Lowe’s video to help you put up your own person She-Shed. They estimate that once everything was completed, with all features installed, the female retreat cost about $5000 to put together.

While $5k is quite an investment, you really can’t put a price on having somewhere to flee when the man in your life invites the guys over to watch vintage basketball on ESPN. Again.

Just keep that Sauv Blanc chilling in the She-Shed in case of emergency.

Photo: Modern Shed

Photo: Ella Claire

Photo: Kenjo

Photo: Detail Collective