Wise Bar: A Smart Decision for Beer Lovers

Bellwoods Brewery knows beer. 

So it’s no wonder that spending two years behind the bar there has lead to Tamara Wise opening up her own beer-happy spot on Bloor Street West (1007, to be exact), Wise Bar

Having just opened, Wise assures us that she’ll soon be offering up to 25 different cans and bottles, both local and from around the world, to match her mostly Ontario draught list (one that includes a Bellwoods tap). And those bottles and cans won’t disappoint.

Wise plans on having several one-offs from local brewers to get people excited but says she’s also focusing on bringing in a number of sours and Belgian specialties. One she’s particularly excited for is the Liefmans Oud Bruin

There’s also a collection of non-alcoholic drinks to be had that include all-natural sodas and ginger beer. Wise tells us it was important the bar be a place anyone can go for a casual drink. 

You won’t find a TV and the walls are empty now but will soon be filled with black and white family photos from long ago. The lights are dim and candles illuminate simple wooden tables that contrast with funky red bar stools. The entire atmosphere evokes exactly the kind of locale you’re looking for. Slide up to the bar and have a chat; share a charcuterie board with friends. Or just people watch on Bloor W. 

The best part? Wise Bar is open seven days a week from 6pm-2am and Wise promises this: “We never, ever close early.”

If you love beer, this is the spot you’ve been looking for. 

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