Winter Getaway: Puerto Vallerta

I hate winter.

You hate winter.

Let’s be honest with each other.

We all hate winter.

If it weren’t for the good people, universal health care, pickup shinny games and Jim Carrey, we’d probably think twice about living here.

About halfway through the bitter Canadian winter, those of us who have less of a tolerance for the mountains of snow, frost covered windows, ice layered roads and piles of snirt (That’s snowy dirt, for those of you who aren’t constantly on urban dictionary) like to escape reality for a week with a serene, all-inclusive trip to a tropical paradise as close to the border as possible.

Although we all love a good deal, and little seems better than unlimited food and free-flowing drinks on the resort of an all-inclusive stay, we think it’s entirely worth it to devote a little time to seeing new places and trying new things away from the traditional tourist destinations. With that being said, here is a list of must-do’s on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta.

ECO Explorer
Have you ever been a part of a congo line formed by jet skis? Or fished from a kayak? ECO Explorer provides some of the best water-based travel experiences with custom packages to suit any travelers’ unique adventurous wants.

Canopy River
One of the most popular land-based excursions, Canopy River has some of the best, exciting ways to see real parts of Puerto Vallarta, including canopying, ATVing, rappelling, ziplining, and even mule rides and tequila tours.

Teatro Limon
A personalization of international cuisine, Chef Bruce Byng and his wife Julia have a well-formed concept of the art of cooking. Together, they offer a 5-course Chef’s Tasting Menu, rotating featured items regularly based on season, produce availability and each individual diner’s preferences.

Fusion Gourmet
A blend of Mexican cuisine paired with flavours from around the world, Chef Andres Garcia is a land native and described his menu as “the tastes and aromas of my beloved Mexico”. The diverse cuisines and intelligent dish creations create a delicious ‘fusion’ of flavours and tastes.


Let us know if you visit Puerto Vallerta and any of these spots this winter. We’d love to see some pictures and live vicariously through you.

Photo courtesy Jose Luis Cruz.