You Could Win a Year’s Supply of Quality Grooming Products from MorningClub and BeardedLife

Good grooming makes a statement.

Let everything run wild and, well, we all know how quickly a hairy face can go from sharp to scruffy.

That being said, all those grooming products – washes, oils, balms, etc. – can really add up and put a serious dent in your bank account.

Which is why we’ve partnered with MorningClub Co. and BeardedLife Co. to ensure you have everything you need to look your best. One lucky winner will get the chance to have their facial hair care needs completely taken care of for 365 days by yours truly.

That’s right, we’re giving away:

– A year’s supply of grooming essentials from MorningClub Co. (1 box of grooming essentials, socks and gifts delivered every five weeks for a period of 12 months – 10 boxes total)

– A year’s supply of premium beard oils from BeardedLife Co. (1 bottle delivered every five weeks for a period of 12 months – 10 bottles total)

Not to mention all the fun freebies that both MorningClub and BeardedLife include in their boxes like product samples, discount coupons and more. This is over $700 worth of products that you’ll be getting for free, so trust us, you don’t want to miss this chance.

Enter our contest below.

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