Win a Pair of Tickets to This Exclusive Event at the Spoke Club

Notable is the proud media partner of an upcoming collaborative initiative called Collective Imagination from C2MTL, host of an annual, non-traditional, three-day event in Montreal designed to test your creativity. It boats an extremely exclusive group of attendees and tickets will set you back a mere $3,600. 

C2MTL and The Spoke Club are hosting an exclusive pop-up event in Toronto this Wednesday night that will touch on some of the broader topics of connectivity, innovation and creativity that the Montreal event is known for. The event, Collective Imagination, is THIS WEDNESDAY (that’s tomorrow), February 26th, at 6:30pm.  Here’s what you can expect:

6:30pm – Online conversing at the Chirp Station

6:35pm – C2MTL team will make connecting fun and will celebrate questions meant to break down barriers and foster meaningful interactions

7:30pm – “Creativity meets commerce” – Presentation by Jean-Francois Bouchard, President of Sid Lee, Chairman of the C2MTL Board of Directors

7:50pm – “Consider technology as a vehicle for social change” – Presentation by Mouna Andraos, Founder of Daily Tous Les Jours

8:10pm – “Curiosity is to innovation as sex is to procreation” – Presentation by Karen Ward, Founder of Curiosity Inc.

8:45pm – Q&A

6:30 pm – Brain Fuel at the City Farm

6:30pm – “On growing wings” – Webcast by Andy Nulman, President of Just For Laughs

7:00pm – “On human-centered design-based innovation” – Webcast by Fred Dust, Partner at IDEO

7:35pm – “On the future of computing” – Webcast by Steve Brown, Chief Futurist at Intel

Networking, DJ Christian Pronovost and more… 

When: Wednesday, February 26th, at 6:30pm
Where: The Spoke Club, 600 King St W, Toronto.

The good news: Notable has exclusive access for our members. The great news: You could win one of 10 pairs of tickets to attend. Leave your name, email, phone number and your guest’s name and email below to enter. 

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