Wild and Raw: Drink More This Year

Let’s face it. Things like cleanses, diets, and clean eating can be great. But in reality, they’re all pretty hard to pull off when you factor in a busy young professional (YP) schedule.

Who has time to press their own juice or go forging for mushrooms?  

If you want to make some changes and ramp up the health and wellness aspect of your life this year, consider adding Wild and Raw to your routine.

And to give you a head start on the path to all things healthy, we’ve done a little homework of our own to help de-mystify the occult world of superfoods served in the Wild and Raw juice and smoothies.

Praised for its sweet flavour and vitamin rich properties, lucuma is credited for its power to boost your mood. Vitamins are great but when you’re faced with our current weather conditions and cold, it probably doesn’t hurt to add a little upper to your morning drink. 

If it’s Monday, ask for a double shot.

Sacred Lotus Pollen
This kind of sounds like something Quentin Tarantino would have worked into his Kill Bill films but this stuff is no laughing matter. Considered to be a pretty rare and important ingredient, lotus pollen is used in Eastern medicine to clear the mind and relieve anxiety. And the best part, it tastes like vanilla.


Next time you’re on a deadline or dreading the commute home on the C-Train, consider adding a little sacred lotus blossom.

A fine golden powder that’s actually found in some of your favourite East Indian dishes, Turmeric is actually known for keeping your mind sharp and alert. If you’re planning on joining a Mensa club this year, you might want to start eating a little more of the yellow stuff. 

Raise your hand if you drank too much this Christmas. Anyone needing a little help in the liver department should know about schizandra. While we’re not entirely sure of its origins, we are sure you’ll feel like a Marvel superhero after eating it. Besides fighting stress and boosting immunity, this little miracle food will do wonders clearing up all the damage you did with eggnog and rum.

Bulletproof Coffee
Last but definitely not least. While not considered a superfood in itself, the bulletproof coffee packs a serious punch with high quality coffee beans, grass-fed organic butter, and XCT oils. This is one intense cup of Joe that will basically make you feel like a ninja.

Whether you’re prepping for a big meeting or just love a good strong cup of coffee to start the day out right, this is what you need to get going. 

Now go get healthy. 


Image in article by: Phi Vernon of Third Eye Arts for the second photo.

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