Why You Won’t Be Able to Resist Corbeaux Bakehouse

Over the last few years, bread and baked goods have become a major part of the foodie scene.

San Francisco is home to a slew of fancy schmancy toast bars, Portland is revered for its hipster doughnut shops, and now Calgary has opened Corbeaux, a European-inspired restaurant and bakery that will serve as a major community hub for eating, drinking, and, of course indulging in fresh baked goods.

We can confidently say this is a breadline you’ll want to wait in.

Thanks to brothers Chris and Russ Prefontaine – the owners of Fratello coffee and the insanely popular Analog Cafe – the new bakehouse now offers Calgarians the delectable options of dining in or taking something to go. And with opening hours that run from 6am to 1am, those of you who choose to dine-in can quite literally eat here all day long.

Something we wouldn’t discourage.

Thanks to the talented interior designer Sarah Ward, the god-awful sports bar known as the ‘Melrose’ that was occupying this space is now a distant memory – a fact that most women in Calgary will rejoice over. With an open concept, an abundance of natural light, and the promise of a large sunny patio (sans the leering sports bar crowd), Corbeaux is the perfect place for any occasion. Lazy morning coffee and croissants and leisurely date night should both be taken in here.

Psst. Gentleman, are you taking notes?

It also helps that the food really is something to write home about. Bringing major star power to an already great restaurant concept, the Prefontaines enlisted the help of Chef Keith Luce to add the ‘wow’ factor to the food menu. Luce, a celebrity chef with a much more civility than Gordon Ramsay, has one seriously impressive resume.  

If serving as a personal chef to Bill and Hillary during the Clinton administration isn’t a big enough deal, Luce has also won every award and distinction going; including an appointment to the United States Culinary Diplomatic Corps.

Focused on making everything in house, the brunch crowd will delight in Luce’s house-cured bacon and scrambled eggs – a dish that coincidentally pairs well with most items on the drink list.

Later on in the day, the dinner crowd will fall head over heels for dishes like the crispy duck wings, hot and sour meatballs, and the scallops cooked in miso and grapefruit juice.

And let’s not forget the sweets, for anyone who loves tarts, cakes, éclairs, and macaroons, this place is straight up irresistible. Whether you’re in for a meal or just stopping by to pick up a coffee for the road, the first thing you’ll be drawn to is the impressive display case that’s filled to the brim with every kind of mouth-watering treat you can think of.

You’ll have a hard time restraining yourself.

So as much as we hate to mess with your New Year’s resolutions, we’re still going to encourage you to eat at Corbeaux, or at least, pick something up from the bakery.

Just remember to refrain from licking the display case. 


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