Why You Should Definitely Say ‘Yes’ to That Destination Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

I don’t have to tell you that bachelor and bachelorette parties aren’t what they used to be.

Gone are the days of a wild night on the town – these days, it’s all about the weekends in Miami, Ibiza, Aspen, New York and Vegas. Or, at the very least, someone’s cottage.

The destination bachelor and bachelorette party has taken off in a major way with millennials.

And no – they’re not easy on the wallet. Admittedly, it’s a lot to ask of your friends to drop hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars on a wild weekend away. Especially if everyone in your close group of friends decides to get married within a few years of one another, back-to-back bachelor and bachelorette parties can add up in a major way.

But the thing is, it’s so worth it. Here’s why:


Bachelor and bachelorette parties are (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the final days of your friend being legally single. Wild nights on the town can all start to blend into one another after a few years, but you’ll always remember a trip away with the guys or gals (and if you don’t, it will live on in Instagram, complete with a hashtag).

Girls’ and guys’ trips will become few and far between once all of your newlywed friends begin to have kids. Take advantage of the fact that you can take a trip on a whim while you can. You’ll miss these days.

It’s good for your relationship to make time for trips with your closest friends. You need to miss one another once in awhile. Also, two words: reunion sex.

bachelorette bachelor party

More friends will likely opt in for your bachelor or bachelorette if you go to theirs. And you know it will probably be a destination affair, too. The more the merrier (and the wilder), right?

A destination bachelor or bachelorette party offers an opportunity to satisfy your wanderlust. If you’re strategic with your time, you’ll be able to check out the sights, sounds, and tastes of a new place in between the debauchery.

You get more time with your friends. As opposed to a jam-packed evening out where you barely get the chance to properly chat with everyone before the night is over, a destination affair means more time for quality (boozy) bonding, making unforgettable memories, and creating new inside jokes and nicknames.

bachelorette bachelor party

Even if none of your friends are getting married, everyone needs a good, old-fashioned laugh-filled girls’ or guys’ trip once in awhile. So, if an opportunity for one arises, you should always say yes.