Why You Need to Start Floating in Vancouver

We already did the ‘work’ for you, Vancouver.

With the recently opened state-of-the-art Metta Rest Spa, Kitsilano’s luxe Halsa opening their doors today, and Yaletown Float coming soon – the floating culture, a relaxation technique commonly practiced in Europe, is catching on rather rapidly in our city. 

And in case you’ve never heard of it, floatation therapy involves settling into a tank or pod filled with water heated to the same temperature as your skin as well as lots of Epsom salt…and well, that’s it. You just float for an hour or so. You can adjust the experience to your liking in most cases – leaving the pod doors ajar if you’re slightly claustrophobic for example, or playing the tranquil sounds of nature if you so choose. 

As you relax, your mind and your entire body are free from all distraction, which allows you to enter into a state of deep rest and sensory deprivation. It turns out that your body is constantly busy (whether you realize it or not) dealing with little things like gravity and balance. When you put it in a position to shut down, your mind will go all types of places.

Sound like a trip? It is. But, only at first.

The number of benefits floating offers your health and wellness are seemingly never-ending:

– Relieves pain
– Boosts immune system
– Reduces anxiety and blood pressure
– Eliminates fatigue, jet-lag and hangovers
– Prevents sports injuries
– Increases mental clarity
– Increased magnesium intake
– Reduces stress
– Increases creativity

And that’s not even the entire list.

Though results do vary for each person, for the modern day young professional, achieving all this in just one hour sounds like a dream. Some have even said it was better than a trip to Hawaii.

Well, it’s a much shorter flight at least.

Metta Rest Spa has welcomed visitors in from as far away as California, allowing guests to take advantage of their library lounge post-treatment or enjoy a session of yoga, while Halsa offers massages as add-on options. Both spas also have saunas available for use.

With the recent openings of these premiere float spots, escaping in the city is now possible.

Even if it’s just an hour at a time.  


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