Why Winnipeg Should Be On Your Travel List

Travel is synonymous with the young professional lifestyle, and one of the constants in our conversations is discussing “the next big trip.” We are always happy to share our travel tips on the hottest places to add to the list, the best international party spots and those off-the-beaten-path gems; vacation spots that others haven’t really discovered yet.

For those of you who’ve already hit a sunny locale, taken in a big concert or absorbed a little street life in a major city this year, let’s talk about a place this you probably never even considered: Winnipeg.

Did You Just Say Winnipeg?
You heard right. For many of us not in BC, when we consider travelling the first thing we think is to head West. Let’s change that. Winnipeg is a thriving prairie city, which has always had an undercurrent of culture bubbling beneath the surface, but as of late this city known as ‘Chicago of the North’ has re-emerged through a cultural renaissance. Here’s the down low on why you need to go:

Dining Out?
In comparison to the population, Winnipeg has no shortage of restaurants with an interesting mix of upscale dining and ethnic cuisine. However, if you ask any foodie whose been to the ‘Peg’ recently, they will tell you that you have to try Chew, Segovia Tapas Bar and, at the very top of the list, the deer + almond

Chef Mandel Hitzer of the deer + almond is putting the hip eatery on the map with his dishes that re-invent classic recipes while throwing in a little international twist. Earlier this year, Hitzer helped throw the outrageous RAW: almond event that involved gourmet food in a pop-up restaurant on the city’s frozen river during minus-20 conditions at the end of January.

What to do?
Winnipeg is full of neighbourhoods with character and there’s a reason to visit each one. St. Boniface, which is known as the French Quarter, is home to some stellar galleries and artist spaces like Le Maison des Artists Visuels Francophones, La Galerie, The Wayne Arthur gallery and the Loch Gallery.

West Broadway is an up-and-coming part of town with a serious trend towards urban gardening and cool collection of bars for people looking to find a bit of nightlife. 

Osborne Village is considered to be one of the best neighbourhoods in Canada and is home to some of our favourite shops and restaurants (this is where you’ll find many of your new go-to haunts).

The Exchange District is also a must-see if you’re a fan of heritage buildings and love to hunt for antiques. This is where you’ll find the old market square and many of the theatre companies. If you’re looking for the best place to grab coffee you’ll want to head to Parlour Coffee located on Main Street. 

For all the travlleers who have a special interest in architecture, plan to tour the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Royal Manitoba Centre and the impressive new Canadian Museum for Human Rights slated to open later this year. 

When to go?
If you don’t like the cold then you’ll definitely want to wait until the summer months to visit Winnipeg, but just remember this is the city that embraces the cold weather and celebrates it with creative fervour. Whenever you go, you’ll be happy you did.   

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Cover Image: Canadian Museum Of Human Rights

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