Why We Need a National Sustainable Seafood Day

If you’re planning on throwing some shrimp (or other seafood) on the barbie, you may want to read this first.

That’s because today is all about designating a National Sustainable Seafood Day.

And the reason it needs to be a day is because decades of harmful fishery harvesting practices, pollution, and a changing climate have put the future health of Canada’s three oceans at risk. 

The goal of the day is to bring the issues of overfishing and poor harvesting practices to the attention of Canadians, while increasing the understanding of how unsustainable fish farming, or aquaculture, also puts a strain on marine ecosystems.
The health of global oceans and of marine life is threatened by overfishing and fish farming practices – and the issue is only going to get worse if we don’t start making changes.

As in, right now.

With over 120 million people are dependent on fish as part of their income, wild fish populations have decreased dramatically over the past century.

The thing is, you can help the cause by making choices that will benefit the long-term health of our oceans and lakes, and create a thriving market for sustainable seafood across the country. It’s simple: support sustainable seafood options.

You can make the shift to ocean-friendly seafood by choosing these best choice alternatives.

Thankfully, Canadian seafood industries are starting to transform the way they source their seafood to ensure that supply chains are more sustainable.

Meaning, we have the option to make the right choice; now we just need to actually do it. 


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