Why We Fell In Love With Toronto This Week, September 8 to 12

This truly was a “global” week for Toronto in every sense of the word.

From cool streets to sharp stars and brisk breezes, our beloved city registered on a few notable thermometers.

And while you may have seen Jennifer Aniston or Denzel Washington on the red carpet, but as far as we’re concerned, Toronto stole the show.

 Queen Street Kicked International Ass
If you somehow didn’t hear, Queen Street was formally dubbed as world-class royalty. Queen West was ranked 2nd by Vogue Magazine in their Global Street Style Report, ranking The 15 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World. Behind only Shimokitazawa in Tokyo, our metropolis matriarch beat out streets in classically coveted cities like Paris, New York, and Milan. When the news hit, we heard some people ask, “Really??” To which we proudly say,


TIFF Was in Full Swing 
If there’s one time of year the global creative significance of Toronto winds up and kicks everyone in the VIPs, it’s TIFF.

We’ve produced tons of entertainment powerhouses over the years: Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, John Candy, Christopher Plummer, David Cronenberg, and Norman Jewison to name a few. But TIFF is the sparkly glue that brings it all together and reminds the world:

“This city is in the superstar business”.

Fall Poked It’s Head Out 
Moan all you might about the demise of our summer following a winter that UN Conventions would likely consider cruel, inhuman, and degrading punishment. But having seasons is awesome—especially when that season is fall. Daytime temperatures perfect for outdoor meandering that flow into crisp, clean evenings perfect for hard core sleeps.

How can you beat that?

As fall creeps up, ya, the air gets a little cooler. But we know Toronto, and it’s just getting warmed up.  




Images: David Kaufman, tiff.net

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