Why Toronto’s Power Ball is Worth the Price Tag

It’s no trip to the dollar store to splurge on a $165.00 ticket (or $300 for VIP) to next week’s Power Ball: Old/New World, the Power Plant‘s annual fundraiser event. Especially when it’s on a Thursday (June 5th) and you have to work the next day…

We get it. 

But there is something about Power Ball that makes it worth its price tag – whether you’re already living the dream or still faking it until you make it.

If you’ve been, you already know what we mean. 

Aside from the surely nostalgic theme of Old/New World, which pays tribute to time when everything turned from analogue to digital, here are 7 other reasons to suck it up and splurge on that Power Ball ticket… 

It’s an investment in your future. 
At Power Ball, you could very easily meet your new significant other or future client while taking in the art installations or waiting for a drink. Think of the personal and professional networking opportunities up for grabs by getting to party with a mixed bag of cultural influencers in fashion, music, food, entertainment and art. This is, of course, in addition to young professionals in all professions. Key word: options. 

There’s gourmet food and it is cheaper than picking up the dinner tab. 
You won’t leave Power Ball hungry. Like every other year, the event will be stocked with fully-loaded food stations. This includes one of the elaborate surprise spectacles from chef Marc Thuet. Previous years have included things like roast bison burgers a la a massive, spinning bison. In addition to all the other event perks, this makes dinner more affordable than picking up the tab for the table at an over-priced hot spot. 

Two birds, one stone: cocktails and culture. 
It’s about time you became more cultured and in tune with Toronto’s thriving arts scene. At Power Ball you can take in the work of local, national and international artists without having to waste a beautiful sunny Saturday navigating an art gallery. Better yet, you can do it with a cocktail in hand and a dressed up, sexy stranger in your peripheral vision. Now that’s multi-tasking. 

Speaking of cocktails, bottles at a club are more expensive. 
If you’re used to buying bottles at a club that you only get a drink or two from yourself (thanks to the lingering bottle mooches), or are a sucker for buying rounds of shots on nights out, the open bar at Power Ball offers a better deal in the booze buzz department.  

It’s an epic party. 
You know those nights where you go out purely for the sake if it, end up chasing the idea of a party that never materializes, and return home feeling like all it was is a waste of your money, time and an outfit? Yeah, that won’t happen at Power Ball. This means everything from the multiple elements of surprise and discovery (some details remain top secret) and the easy-on-the-eyes guests, to highlights like DJ/VJ Oli Sorenson with his two-hour multimedia performance promoting the practices of sampling and sharing. In short, this is a party that will be well worth the Friday hangover and dent in your wallet.  

You are supporting a good cause. 
As opposed to splurging on a fancy dinner or pair of shoes, you can at least feel better about the fact that you are supporting a good cause for the city with your ticket purchase. The Power Ball is the Power Plant’s main fundraising event that supports the year-long programming and exhibitions at the country’s leading contemporary art gallery. Think about your potentially artsy unborn children…

The art is worth the price tag.  
With an influential institution like the Power Plant, you know the art is going to be far from amateur. And far from boring. Highlights include a new installation by award-winning Montreal artist Jon Rafman, who will blur the distinction between virtual and physical realities with his installation set to take over a main gallery space. Offering a mixed bag of art, the B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Beamer) installation invites artists to bring their projectors and throw their work up on the wall. New York-based duo CONFETTISYSTEM will feature an installation in tune with their set design art. Well-known contemporary artist Christine Davis will also be showing her work. If you don’t know, get Googling.

Word of advice? Don’t be one of those people who waits until the last minute to buy your tickets – they will sell out. Tickets are available here

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Text images by: Henry Chan

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