Why the Holidays Are Awkward AF If You’re “Just Seeing” Someone

With the fresh snow on the ground, the romantic Christmas markets in full effect, and no shortage of mistletoe, the holidays are a pretty sweet time to be in a brand new “thing” with someone.

But, while you’re in the “hanging out,” “seeing each other,” or “dating” phase, they can also be cringe-worthy and brutally awkward.

Here’s why:

The Holiday Party
To bring a date, or not to bring a date – that is the age-old question when it comes to your work holiday party. And yes, the decision can be an awkward one. Not only does the presence of an unfamiliar “plus one” inspire banter and questions from your gossipy coworkers, extending the invite to the person you’re “just seeing” right now may put a premature dose of pressure on your situation. Not to mention, it’s even more awkward if you don’t get a reciprocal invite to theirs.


The Gifts
Everyone knows that gift-giving can be awkward AF in general – even if it’s with your own family. The whole concept of a gift in the early stages of something that may or may not materialize into a relationship is even more awkward. First, you need to decide if you should get them a gift in the first place. If you do, you better hope they got you something too. The problem remains, of course, that neither of you know each other well enough to know what the other person really wants or needs in the first place.


The Family Dinner
Most seasoned daters know that the whole “meet the parents” invite to the family dinner is something that is a pretty big deal – especially at this age. Not only will it get your mother’s hopes up (yet again) that the prospect of grandchildren could be in the near future, you also want to make sure your new potential SO is sure about you before they meet your entire family. Aside from the potentially awkward dinner table interactions, the most awkward thing about the holiday dinner is the decision to extend the invite.


New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve is also a tricky one when you’re in the “just seeing” each other phase. That’s because your new potential SO could be “just seeing” someone else too – and so could you for that matter. Not to mention, your friends have likely had celebrations planned before this person even entered your life. While you may want a guaranteed New Year’s Eve kiss, it may be too early to start making compromises.


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