Why the Blue Jays Are Your Best Wingmen

Here’s a great date idea, gentlemen: A Blue Jays game. Sounds too good to be true, right? If you’re thinking, ‘that’s great for me, but what about her?’, rest assured that your date will be on board with your choice of venue just as much as you are. Here’s why it works both ways:

You Can Still Have a Meaningful Conversation
When was the last time a baseball game was too loud to talk over? Or too quiet as to put every word out of your mouth on the spot? An afternoon at the Rogers Centre offers the perfect decibel level and background noise to accompany your smooth talk.

There’s Always an Entertaining Distraction
Every first date is bound to be peppered with a few awkward silences. How many times have you been at a loss of words just aching for something to take the pressure off of that moment? Now you have that something: the game. Remember, though, that you should be doing most of the entertaining, not the team on the field.

You’re Sitting Nice and Close
For all the downsides of sitting on unforgiving plastic chairs, consider this: there are no armrests to separate any spur-of-the-moment physical contact, and you’re not forced to stare at each other for hours on end like you would be at a restaurant.

It’s An Experience You’re Sharing Together
Easy-going, sociable, relatively affordable – what’s not to love? Unless you really blow it, or the Jays do, no one ever leaves a baseball game in a sour mood. A Jays game is one of those rare feel-good activities everyone in the city can appreciate, made even better if it’s with the right company.

There’s Ample “Social Lubrication”
We don’t need to explain “social lubrication,” do we? Free-flowing beer in the afternoon sun and shareable snacks are the perfect recipe for eliminating any first date butterflies and getting in the social groove.