Why? Race: Join Calgary’s Version of the Amazing Race

Calling all GenNexts: On June 14th you are invited to take part in an exciting race that will have you running to make a difference. Teams of four will participate in a series of heart pumping and brain puzzling challenges all over downtown that will not only having you laughing, exploring and making new friends, but also helping contribute to United Way’s effort to tackle social issues. At the end of the race you will have raised money for charity and gained a great appreciation for how you can contribute to making positive changes in your own community.

Former Why? Race participant Keisha Russell shares her own race experience with Notable:

Why Race?
2013 marked my second Why? Race. With a year of experience for this Amazing Race-style competition I pretty much knew what to do: assemble the savviest team around and sign up fast for GenNext’s sell-out event.

The kick-off at Eau Claire was one of the most intense moments of the day. At the signal, hundreds of people scattered to their first challenge. Not only did we have to outrun the other teams, we also needed strategy to maximize our time. Trying to reach 20 stations spread across downtown Calgary proved to be quite the workout! Exploring three themes of events – kids, poverty, and community – we could not fully prepare for what was ahead. Imagine climbing and then descending all 582 steps of the Calgary Tower… not an easy feat (but I bragged about it for days afterward!). We learned to sort Smarties in simulated colour blindness, scavenged for public works of art in the downtown core, and encountered many organizations that benefited from money raised by an event like Why? Race. 

These moments make Why? Race an amazing race. I engaged mentally and physically in challenging activities with a group of friends, navigated the city that I love, and learned how I can continue to contribute to social issues. Why? Race answers an important question: why care? How do you not care after speeding up the Calgary Tower, losing your breath, but being rewarded by an equally breathless view of the city? Or running around town seeing so many participants in Why? Race t-shirts, knowing they all came to learn about making a difference?

The day ends with a fantastic celebration that honours all of the participants’ hard work. By engaging in Why? Race we also serve others and our city by learning about the people who deal with mental and physical issues daily in the urban environment.

That’s why I care to race. See you on June 14!

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