Why Protein is a Busy Young Professional’s Best Friend

As busy young professionals, we have people to meet, goals to achieve, and the world to change for the better. So it goes without saying that we have to sacrifice a few things along the way when deciding how to best spend our time.

Sure, we could do probably do away with that laidback coffee break or time-wasting team meeting. But one thing we should never skirt is a dose of health in between all the chaos.

Unfortunately, “I was too busy to eat” is something we hear all too often.


Luckily, we no longer have to choose between starvation and a fast food pit stop.

Oasis Active is the on-the-go snack we’ve dreamed of since we were interns. Packed full of protein (10 grams), this juice-based drink contains no added sugar or sweetener. It’s also loaded with two portions of fruit and available in three flavours: strawberry vanilla, moka banana, and raspberry chocolate.

And while its protein content also makes Oasis Active perfect before or after your workout, you’d be surprised just how integral those building blocks of life are to carrying through whatever a regular day’s work throws at you.

What, you don’t remember what you learned in grade 9 biology? Well, we’re here to remind you – here’s why protein is a busy young professional’s best friend:

Oasis protein infograph (FINAL)