Why Every Young Professional Secretly Loves Taylor Swift

There was a time when you might have been embarrassed to admit you were a fan of Taylor Swift’s music.

In fact, that time might even be right now. 

Don’t worry though, Saturday Night Live has “Swiftimine” for that.

Look, there’s a reason TS was named one of Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People for 2014. There’s a reason you can’t stop listening to her songs. And there’s a reason you secretly turn up her music when you’re alone in the car.

You. Love. Taylor. Swift.

They say admitting is the first step, so let us help you understand why you love her… 

She Doesn’t Care What You Think
The early to mid-twenties are a time of insecurity for many females. Swift basically says f*&k that. She’s never let the naysayers (or goats) get her down and makes absolutely zero apologies for her life choices.   

So, say what you will, she’ll just shake it off.

She’s a Record-Breaking Talent
There’s no doubt that Swift is a true talent. She writes her own universally relatable and inevitably catchy songs (a song of hers has definitely been stuck in your head before), and plays the piano, guitar, banjo, and the ukulele. A natural performer, she also kills it on stage and her videos are also as entertaining as any short film you’ll see. Blank Space, anyone?. She recently broke a record when the song topped the Billboard Hot 100, making her the first woman in its history to succeed herself at the top spot, which was formerly dominated by “Shake it Off.”

No. Big. Deal.

She’s a Girl’s Girl
Swift maintains a tight network of girlfriends and genuinely seems like she could be BFFs with any female – and anyone who’s met her says the same thing. Some of her best girlfriends include supermodels Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge (who sang and danced along to Swift’s “Shake it off” at this year’s Victoria Secret show), Emma Stone, Hailee Steinfeld, and Selena Gomez. Not to mention, Swift’s still tight with her bestie Abigail Anderson from high school, who’s referenced in Swift’s “Fifteen” and has appeared in a handful of her music videos.

Loyalty is hot.

She Can Rival Victoria’s Secret Models
Did you see her in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show? Swift looked like a mini version of the models in her lacy lingerie – and didn’t miss a beat on the runway either. And don’t even get us started on how stunning she looked in that green tummy-baring Michael Kors dress at the American Music Awards a few weeks back. 

Bottom line: she’s a total babe.

She Hasn’t Become a Train Wreck
Unlike countless Hollywood counterparts who found fame before their 18th birthdays and went on to spiral out of control a la Lindsay Lohan, Swift has managed to avoid the whole train wreck trap. She does, however, still know how to party and isn’t shy for about her love of wine and champagne, but stops short from stumbling around wasted.

Don’t expect to see her checking into rehab anytime soon.

She’s LOL Funny
Not only is Swift known to make fun of herself in her songs and music videos, she’s also pretty hilarious in her own right. She’s known for her bang-on impromptu impressions during interviews and when messing around with her friends and for her surprising quick wit.

Don’t believe us? Check out a compilation of her funniest moments here.

She Gives Back
Swift is known for supporting a variety of charities – from disaster relief and children’s literacy, to charities for sick children. But Swift doesn’t just throw money at passionate causes. She wrote “Ronan” in memory of 4-year-old Ronan Thompson who lost his battle to cancer, which she debuted in a performance that almost brought her to tears at the 2012 Stand Up to Cancer event.

Try to watch it and not cry yourself.

She’s Here to Stay
She’s already shown us her adaptability, in both music – in her crossover from country music to pop – and a graceful transition from teen sensation to (almost) 25-year-old woman. Swift is at the absolute height of her career to date and slows no sign of slowing down.

It’s time you accept it.

You love her. You love Taylor Swift. It’s okay, you can say it. 


Cover image: Screen capture from Taylor Swift Diet Coke Ad

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