Why Did CRAFT Serve So Many Arrogant Bastards?

“If you’re here drinking with us, you’re better than everyone else in this city.” 

Who gave that arrogant bastard a microphone? Oh, CRAFT did. And for good reason. 

Stone Brewery Co. is the latest American beer-maker to hit the Calgary scene, and they did it with a bang – making Monday feel like Friday night with an impressive after-work crowd showing up to pack CRAFT Beer Market. 

Based in San Diego, the microbrewery has been around for 18 years but is just recently breaking into the Canadian market. 

With parties like this and a product to back it up, we’re pretty sure they’re not going to have any trouble making a strong impression on discerning Calgary drinkers. 

In fact, judging by the fan shirts throughout the crowd, they’ve already established quite a following in the beer-nerd world here in Cowtown. And while many of their offerings appeared to cater to their existing male-dominated fan-base (think: heavy IPAs and porters), Stone knows how to please the lighter palate, too, with the not-too-sweet Hibiscusicity

No, that’s not a typo. 

It’s a deliciously floral Belgian-style ale that’s part of their Stochasticity Project, which you’ll have to check out for yourself because, well, our beer-nerds are on vacation – drinking. 

CRAFT also did a stellar job of pleasing the plaid-shirted patrons with on-point service and finger food, circulating some seriously mouthwatering duck waffles and spicy pork rolls. 

Washing those down with a Stone Coffee Milk Stout or a Go To IPA seemed to put a smile on the faces of even the most arrogant bastards.

So, if you fancy yourself a beer-nerd (or would fancy one for yourself), CRAFT just proved that Mondays are your new favourite day of the week. 


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