Why Are Parents Happier Than the Childless?

So we just stumbled across this study, which pretty much seems to sum up what we already (think) we know about having children: 

We’re happier without them.

Well, until we got to the end of the study, that is.

You see, it points out this one little (some might call important) frustrating fact –parents, it turns out, actually claim to be happier.

Hold on a minute… 

Those of us who are offspring-free are physically, mentally, socially, and financially healthier than those who’ve committed life to another life. Survey says.

But then it also goes on to report that 33% of parents are more likely to say they’re “very happy” while non-parents are 27% more likely to say they’re “very unhappy.” 

And like all survey results that make definitive claims about happiness, we (and probably CivicScience, who conducted it) have no idea how these conclusions were drawn. You know who does know, though? 


That’s why we felt so compelled to know and to ask: why are parents happier despite all the metrics suggesting otherwise?

And while we’re aware there are some deep factors at play here, we want you to let us know on our Facebook page. We’ll follow up in a few days with some of the best responses. 


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