Who Would You Include Among the 100 Most Influential People in the World?

The annual TIME 100 list usually incites a pretty heated reaction.

That’s just what happens when you declare Beyonce the most influential person in the world.

This year, the publication has added a democratic element to the process that will allow readers to vote on who they think has changed the world this year, for better or worse. TIME editors will of course still decide the final ranking – as they should. 

This isn’t the kind of thing you allow Beliebers on Twitter to decide. Here’s proof.

You can comment on any TIME Facebook post that includes #TIME100, tweet your vote using #TIME100 or head over to Time.com’s TIME 100 voting hub to cast your vote. Voting closes on April 10, with the winner being announced on April 13. The official TIME 100 ranking will be released three days later.

And if someone could please tell us who CL of 2NE1 is, that would be great.


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