Where to Go Ice Skating in Toronto

Winter is here. Look outside and you’ll see the snow turning your neighbour’s rooftop white.

While you are probably like the majority of the world and don’t enjoy the cold weather – there is one thing about winter in Toronto that is truly fun. Skating.

For a few solid months, you can tour all of Toronto’s best parks and skate the day away. It’s the only exercise you will do that will be so fun that you won’t realize you got such a great workout until your legs are burning the next day.

For those of you looking for the best place to enjoy a little time outdoors on the rink, here are some of our favourite spots for getting your skate on.

This is the most popular (ie. crowded) rink in the city for a reason. If you don’t mind dealing with a packed rink, City Hall makes a wonderful backdrop for an evening skate. Best of all, you can rent skates at this location, and there’s a Hero Burger next to the rental booth that sells hot chocolate and all the carbs you need to fuel your skate.

The great location is the main appeal for this rink. Also, it’s the only fenced in rink in the city offering scheduled women’s hockey, something more rinks should consider implementing. No skate rentals here, but tons of great food and warm drinks are available as soon as you exit the park.

High Park has two rinks, a change room, and its own Zamboni for rink maintenance so the ice remains smooth throughout the day. High Park is also full of fun activities all winter long, so it’s the perfect place to spend a Sunday. No rentals here though, so bring your skates.

Like Nathan Phillips Square, this rink tends to be packed most of the time… but it’s worth it for the stunning view of Lake Ontario, and the DJ Night dance party that happens every Saturday night. Plus, this location does offer skate rentals.

Christie Pits’ location scheduled times for adult, youth and kids shinny, as well as times for leisure skating. Plus, this location has a change room. Bring your skates – you can’t rent any here.

The College Park location is great for two reasons 1) It’s unfenced, so you can skate any time of day or night, and 2) it’s for leisure skating only, so the ice is generally in good condition from avoiding the hockey damage. Plus, there are change rooms and lockers available, but you do need to bring your skates.

The Dufferin Grove ice is beloved for many reasons. Rentals are incredibly cheap for Toronto, coming in at just $2, change rooms and lockers are available, the kitchen offers fresh food and organic warm drinks, and occasionally there is even a live band playing for the crowd.

If you haven’t been, you’ll want to make a point to head out to Etobicoke for this rink. This is the only ice in the city that is not a rink, but a trail. You’ll never want to go back to a regular rink after skating here.

Though the hours are mostly limited to the daytime, if you’re heading up to Brick Works for some yummy food, why not go for a skate as well? Rentals are available for $5, and the location means you’ll have all the amenities you could ever need nearby.


Trinity Image from: mycitygossip.com

High Park image from: mycitygossip.com

Harbourfront Image from: www.49st.com

Christie Pits Park Image from: www1.toronto.ca

College Park Image from: deblewis.ca

Evergreen Brick Works image from: www.toronto4kids.com

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