Where to Go: 4 Toronto Cocktails

This city provides a true bevy of beverage options capable of turning a good night into a great one in three sips or less. So we thought we’d put together a list of the best places in T.O. to get a few of our favourite cocktails. We’re keeping it simple though; no flowers frozen in ice, no shots set on fire, just four classic drinks that have always spoken for themselves. 

If this Canadian classic is your go-to, look no further than Fynn’s of Temple Bar. They offer more ways to get your Clamato fix than most places have beers on tap. From the Temple Bar Classic Caesar to the BBQ Smokehouse Caesar (Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, chipotle Tabasco, liquid mesquite), you simply can’t go wrong. They’ve even have a vegan Caesar option that features potato vodka, garlic Tabasco, in-house made vegan Worcestershire, tomato vegetable cocktail, and blazed beans. You now officially have no excuses.

Sure, the Manhattan offers a lot of choice. Do you prefer Rye to Bourbon, strained to on the rocks? Would you prefer it served in a cocktail glass or as a highball? Oh, and how do you feel about cherries? Look, these are all well and good, but you know what matters most: where you’re drinking it. A Manhattan, more than anything, deserves a bar that’s classy enough to match its refined style. Which is why we choose to sip ours at The Park Hyatt Rooftop Lounge. Deep wood, timeless elegance, and a view to kill for – pretty much the only way to make this signature cocktail taste even better.  

People might argue that a Gin and Tonic doesn’t really qualify as a proper cocktail. Well, after we politely point out that they’re wrong, we’d also suggest they head down to Nota Bene to check out how a real G&T is done. With a dozen premium European gins to choose from, house-made tonics, and a side plate full of garnishes that include everything from lemongrass and cucumber to Juniper berries and hibiscus flowers, we’re sure that after trying one of these you will never again doubt the G&T’s rightful place at the cocktail table.

For the best Margarita, it always makes sense to head to the best tequila bar in the city, Reposado. This lovely little Ossington getaway is the perfect spot to sip on our favourite agave-based cocktail (especially on their back patio in the summer time). Though we will give a shout-out to recently reviewed Fonda Lola, where owner Andrés Márquez puts together a fantastic take on the original using kombucha, and replacing simple syrup with maple water. 

Cover image from: Versesfrommykitchen by Michael

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