Where to Find the Perfect Suit for Every Young Professional Man

One of the most important aspects of any young professional’s life is looking the part.

Whether it’s an important interview, a big pitch, your best friend’s wedding, or you just happen to consider wearing a three-piece part of your daily ritual, a good suit goes a long way.

A great suit, however, can take you all the way.

Which is why we were excited to send our Editor-in-Chief to Indochino to get fitted for a custom-made suit. ‘Cause let’s face it: he needed all the style help he could get.


Arriving at their brand new Toronto showroom at 143 King Street East, Toronto, he was met by his very own Style Guide, Janette. Once again, something he desperately needed.

Here’s the thing: if you think you know what getting suited up is all about, you’re wrong.


This isn’t about walking up to the rack and hoping you find something that fits; this is about having a suit built specifically for your body and your sense of style. One arm longer than the other? No problem. Like the idea of yellow buttons on a blue suit? They can do that.

In fact, there are some 14 choices you’ll be able to make in your bespoke journey at Indochino. From fabric to lapel size, every detail is up to you. But don’t worry, Janette, or one of their many other talented Style Guides, will be with you every step of the way.


Take your time, make your selections, have your measurements taken, and in just four weeks you’ll be wearing a suit that your mom would say looks like it was made for you.

Because it was.

Beyond their classic and modern cuts, what really makes Indochino the perfect place to select a suit for every young professional is simple: the price point.


When you’re a young entrepreneur out there busting it to get paid, you can’t turn around and spend every cent you make on threads. And Indochino knows this, which is why you can start shopping for their suits for less than five (hundred) bills.

Trust us, the only thing better than you in one of these suits is the money you’ll still have in your pocket after putting it on.