Where to Eat During TIFF

TIFF’s right around the corner, so we’re thinking about the hottest spots to grab a bite during the annual festivities. Whether you’re looking to celeb sightsee or simply to have a nibble between screenings, here are five spots with star appeal…

INK Entertainment and ICON Legacy Hospitality are in on the TIFF action full force this year, hosting after parties, dinners, events and the likes at a myriad of their venues. Patria and Weslodge should boast some awesome star power during the fest, so make sure to nab some reservations and keep your fingers crossed for some celeb action.

Naturally, TIFF Bell Lightbox’s signature restaurant, LUMA, will be a hotspot during the festival. Whether or not you’re able to rub elbows with the creme de la creme of Hollywood is up to the luck of the draw, but you’ll at bare minimum get a stellar meal (thanks to Chef Bangerter) and feel the buzz surrounding the building.

TOCA at the Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton is playing host to the Official TIFF Opening Night Party, and a bevy of stars will be staying in the VIP Suites. This is a definite headliner for TIFF dining, as stars will be wandering the grandiose hallways en route to premieres and on their way back from parties.


Cafe Boulud
We have it on top authority that some of the biggest A-listers will be staying at the new Four Seasons this year, so we have to include Cafe Boulud as a potential celeb-sighting spot. The food is obviously amazing, so even if you’re seated next to D-lister Kathy Griffin, you’ll still leave satisfied… albeit a bit perturbed.

Momofuku Daisho/BOSK
The Shangri-La’s big-name restos (the Momofuku ‘complex’ and in-house awesomeness BOSK) are right in the middle of the TIFF action. Nestled beside the SoHo House (where Grey Goose will host their famed parties again) means that the Shangri-La’s many dining options are sure to get some Hollywood heavy-hitters in the seats. Just don’t be that creepy guy who stares at starlets while they sip on their soup, aight? That ain’t notable…

Cover Image: Toca