Where Else to Go For Sushi in Montreal, Part Three

On our hunt for notable sushi restaurants in Montreal that we have never heard of or seen before – we can be a lot of places, but not everywhere – we have come across some real gems that we’re so excited to add to our roster of regular spots. It was to our greatest surprise when we stumbled upon Zenya Restaurant, not only because of how delicious and trendy it is, but mostly because of its location and how hidden it tries to be.

Nestled on the 2nd floor amidst office buildings and above a Burger King at the corner of Alymer and St. Catherine lies one of the most zen-like sushi restaurants in the city. After spending many minutes trying to locate the street entrance, then climbing up two flights of stairs, we entered into a Japanese dream-like scene, equipped with a beautiful bar, private rooms with authentic Japanese floor seating, and a front-of-house sushi bar.

Zenya Restaurant offers a variety of options, from basic Japanese plates (with vegetarian options) to oriental style cut meat (of course, they have an extensive sushi menu as well). Most notable dishes include their famous Sunomono Salad, a traditional Japanese seaweed salad with rice noodles and a light Japanese rice vinaigrette with your choice of topping – shrimp, octopus, crab, surf clam, assortment of veggies, or an assortment of veggies and seafood – and their Black Cod marinated with sake and sea salt. If you are feeling adventurous, go with their Chef’s choice at $50/person and explore a tasting menu as chosen by their chef of a mixture of Japanese plates and sushi.

This is a must-eat at Japanese restaurant, we’re going to have to highly recommend this one! Zenya Sushi, 2nd Floor – 486 St. Catherine West, Montreal.