When it Comes to Education, Personality is More Important than Intelligence

It could be time to start working on your charm.

New research has shown that just because you kill it in the classroom doesn’t mean you’ll be as successful if your personality totally bombs.

A research study conducted by Griffith University has revealed that personality is more important than intelligence when it comes to success in education. In the largest ever review of personality and academic performance, researchers at Griffith’s School of Applied Psychology found that reviews on personality factors are what have the biggest impact on academic success.

These factors included conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, emotional stability, and extraversion.

This, of course, confirms what we’ve known all along: personality is massively important in everything from career success to relationships. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be with or work with someone they don’t like.

In the university context, the findings reveal that profs need to focus more on personality than on academic intelligence when it comes to their students. This of course, means things like confidence, a willingness to learn, and levels of ambition.

So, basically, the reason you did so well in university might have nothing to do with how “smart” you are, and much more to do with how well you handle yourself.

Oh, and NBC has been lying to us for years…


Cover image from: 22 Jump Street

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