What’s Open on New Year’s Day in Calgary 2014

We hear it every year from all kinds of people: “New Year’s is overrated.”

While we’re not always exactly sure what that means, we do know what isn’t overrated – places that are open on New Year’s Day to help us mend any celebratory damage we may have incurred the night prior.

Here’s a list of options you’re going to want to hit up in Calgary on January 1st, 2015:

Breakfast of Champions
You can always count on Blue Star Diner classic breakfasts to help get your day back on track. Wherever you wake up on January 1st, make sure to start your year off with strong coffee, eggs, bacon… and sunglasses, of course. 

Just Put Ice on it
If you’re up for adding a little activity to your routine today, then grab your skates, an outdoorsy type of date, and head to Olympic Plaza for some fresh air and a spin around the rink.  You’ll be happy you got out of the house.

Keep it Classy
People who want to party like its 1899 can head to Jack Singer Concert Hall for CPO’s Salute to Vienna that will include singing, dancing and the orchestra performing classic polkas and waltzes. It’s classier than doing another round of whiskey shots (like last night).

Take in Some Art
Glenbow’s current Vanishing Ice exhibit will make you appreciate winter in a whole new way. Celebrating frozen landscapes all over the world, this exhibit shares a captivating series of photos and paintings like you’ve never seen before. You might not feel so hateful towards snow after seeing this.

Skip Groceries
Who wants to worry about cooking dinner on the 1st? If you’re looking for ideas on where to eat, then make reservations at Sky 360 for an elevated dining experience. The revolving restaurant located in the Calgary Tower will give you stunning views of the downtown by night.

Scared of heights? You can play it safe by skipping the tower and grabbing a seat at Bar C. Late-night partiers (still fighting off last night’s fun) will rejoice in the hair of the dog-style cocktails served here. Mezcal and tequila are just what the doctor ordered.

Just remember: New Year’s resolutions don’t really start until the 2nd of January. 


Cover image fromL Sky360

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