What’s Open in Montreal on Christmas Day 2014

It’s Christmas and your oven isn’t working?
You’re bored by 10am?
Too many guests to fit in your condo?

No problem. We wouldn’t leave you hanging – that’s what stockings are for.

So here’s our gift to you, Montreal, a list of establishments that just can’t wait to feed you on Christmas Day.

L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel
One of Old Montreal’s most alluring restaurants has you covered for Christmas Day dinner. L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel to the rescue. This old stone house built centuries ago has the perfect warm setting for an memorable Christmas dinner. Owned by the man behind everyone’s favourite Cirque, perhaps Mr. Guy Laliberté has something special in store for entertainment that night. But hey, you won’t know if you don’t try.

Maison Boulud
Housed in Montreal’s most luxurious hotel, the Ritz-Carlton’s Maison Boulud is in a league of its own when it comes to fine dining offered in this food savvy city. But that’s any day of the week, really. So can you imagine having Christmas dinner at Maison Boulud? The word you’re looking for here is unforgettable.

The Ritz-Carlton’s not the only top hotel opened for business on Christmas Day. Sofitel’s beloved Renoir restaurant has lots of goodies on its multi-course holiday menu – including top notch wines to pair with your every dish. So why wouldn’t you treat yourself to a couple (bottles, even?), it is Christmas after all.

Want to try something unique and untraditional for a Christmas dinner? Parc Avenue’s treasured Syrian restaurant offers all the above for that unconventional Noël. Fattoush, Eggplant Maklouba, and Shakriyya Lamb anyone? This Christmas, let Damas bring on the heat.

This popular Old Montreal hotspot is the perfect Christmas evening getaway. Hambar offers a non-pretentious and relaxed atmosphere in one of Montreal’s swankiest hotels. Imagine an evening in their tiptop wine bar with a platter of their signature charcuterie specialties. That’s a Christmas Day well spent.

Le Sieur d’Iberville
Maybe the Plateaus neighborhood tavern will do the trick this X-mas. Le Sieur offers a diverse selection of beers on tap and live sports TV at every turn, but don’t judge this bar only by its bottles – this place boasts an equally distinctive menu that will make you happy you decided to spend your Christmas evening here.

LABARAKE Caserne a Manger
Rosemont’s beloved LABARAKE is happy to announce it will be open on Christmas. This popular Angus Shop hangout serves up delicious French gastropub grub paired with an impressive list of bourbons, scotches, and our favourite Bloodies. Don Draper would be proud.

Yup, everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure will continue to serve up Montreal smoked meat realness on Christmas day. C’mon, let’s be honest, you know you wouldn’t mind munching on some of these fatties. So if all else fails, what better way to treat yourself on Christmas day. And don’t forget the pickle.


Cover image from: Maison Boulud

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