What’s Open in Calgary on Christmas Day 2014

It’s Christmas and your oven isn’t working?
Couldn’t get a flight out until the 26th, but still want to have a low-key celebration? Too many guests to fit in your condo?
No problem. We wouldn’t leave you hanging – that’s what stockings are for.

So here’s our gift to you, Calgary, a list of establishments that just can’t wait to feed you on Christmas Day.

Hotel Feasts
As expected, some of the most traditional meals are found at hotels all over the city. The always-popular Fairmont Palliser is booked up already, but give these options a try for a delicious brunch or dinner without any work, besides making that reservation ASAP. 

– Sheraton Suites in Eau Clair is hosting a Christmas Dinner Buffet
– Fly up to the Delta Airport for their Christmas Day festivities
– If you’ve been through the Yellow Door, you’ll know this one’s a winner 

Classic Chinese
– Some of the best dim sum (or yum cha) in town: Regency Palace
U & Me is not only open on Christmas, but it’s a good option for downtowners who are having their own party and need a late-night feeding around 3 a.m.
– Any Chinese restaurant in your area, let’s be honest.

Take-out Turkeys
– For an impressive restaurant-quality meal at home, pre-order a Westin Takeout Turkey
– The kings of farm-fresh takeout that you can afford, you know Sunterra has you covered 

Movie Theatre Popcorn
Most of the city’s cinemas are open for business, and it’s not impossible to consume just as many calories at their concession as you would with a turkey dinner. Think about it. 


Cover image from: Yellow Door Bistro

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