What’s In Your Bag DJ Nazli Var?

It’s a treat when one of Montreal’s most well-known DJs agrees to open up her bag for us to peek inside. Notable caught up with the one and only Turkish DJ extraordinaire Nazli Var – who has spun at hot spots from Garde Manger, to the Emerald Hotel, to Julia Roberts’ private party – as she and her awesomely huge hair caught some rays on a rooftop pool in the Old Port.

The Bag

Vintage Louis Vuitton drawstring bucket bag
It’s my mom’s, vintage, maybe from the late 80s. She used it for 10 years and then gave it to me and I’ve been using it for about a decade as well. It’s my favourite bag – it’s falling apart but I like it like this.

The Essentials 

Black Moleskine notebook
This is my life. All my work is in here. I am working on re-opening the restaurant Arem, a new supper lounge in Griffintown. It’s opening in two weeks so these are all my staff interviews – dishwashers, managers, everything. I hate using electronic devices to take notes. I like writing.

Vintage Hermes wallet
My grandmother got this wallet for me about 11 years ago. When I go out at night I usually just put my money in my pocket, but during the day this is what I use. I keep basic things in it; some credit cards, cash, my American SIM card for when I go to the States, my Turkish credit card.

All my music, my emails, basically my whole life.

Phone charger
This comes with me wherever I go. 

Hair elastic
Always. For my big, fat hair. 

The Other Stuff 

Cassette Tape Case
I’m a DJ, so yeah.

“Pink” travel-sized marshmallow body spray
I love the smell and I can’t wear perfume because I find it too heavy and it bothers me. So I only wear body sprays. 

Mac NW 27 concealer
This is my concealer for my puffy eyes. I’ve been using it for eight years.

My house keys. Boring.

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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