What’s Filthier Than Your Toilet Seat…?

Did you know the average cell phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat, and 18 times more than a toilet handle? What about your keyboard, which can also carry more potentially harmful bacteria than the average “john”? Your toothbrush…yeah, in theory that could be as bacteria-rich as your toilet seat as well. (Though we will point out that the water particles spraying up to six feet when you flush is up for some debate.) And what about everyone’s favourite: cold, hard cash? You’ve got it, nothing but nasty bacteria-ridden bills with traces of coke from your friendly neighbourhood dealer. (Note: We’re being sarcastic here; we do not condone drug-use of any kind nor do we expect that your neighbourhood dealer would be a friendly fellow.)

There have been list upon list upon list of everyday items that harbour more health-killing fugitives than your average toilet seat. And since contact with these festering objects is near-impossible – seriously, you’re more than likely hitting the down button on your keyboard as you read – we’ve got a few helpful tips to avoid the spread of the “filth factor.” (Catchy, right?)

cell phones

First, wipe and disinfect your cell phone regularly. You’ve opened doors in public, held the handrail on the bus or subway, and probably blown your nose in the last few days right before sending a text or taking a call. Use a disinfecting wipe like Clorox Wipes on your phone every few days to cut the spread of germs. But! Be sure to pat it down a little on paper towel first as you don’t want excess moisture being spread over your screen.


Your keyboard is an easier battle. A spray like Lysol will kill most of the harmful stuff with a quick spritz. Do this daily before you head home from the office and you’re good to go. As for your toothbrush, it’s recommended that you replace it every three months…We think that’s a bit too long, so try to grab a new one every six to eight weeks and be sure to put the lid on your toilet down before you flush, just in case that six-foot radial spread of water particles is true.


When it comes to cash, well, that’s pretty much unavoidable unless you leave all your pennies in your account (though then you have interac and chip keypads to contend with). Keep some hand sanitizer on your person at all times, or pick up some personal disinfectant wipes in small to-go packs. (Guys, this is more important for you as keeping a wallet in your back pocket with cheek-heat helps bacteria reproduce much quicker.)


You won’t be able to avoid all the potential bacterial threats on the day-to-day, but taking some active steps can’t hurt. Besides, there’s no better way to sour your next business meeting than by passing along some sexy germs during the handshake. We like when people are generous and share, but that’s a little much.