What Your Beverage Choice Says About You

The typical young professional understands the importance of a healthy work/play balance and is known to enjoy a few cocktails with friends, coworkers and clients every now and then. When it comes to alcohol, the options are increasingly plentiful. As bartenders for the majority of our early and mid-twenties and now regulars at our city’s local watering holes and swanky establishments alike, we are quick to recognize certain trends when it comes to the type of drinks ordered. Call it generalizing if you will, but we speak from experience and this information just may reveal a thing or two about your cocktail-consuming company.

Vodka Water
Consumers of vodka water are usually health-conscious YPs who would rather waste calories on a savoury meal than alcohol. We have noticed that, if one female orders vodka water, then other females in their company follow suit. This could be because they don’t want to appear unhealthy or because it’s easier to say “three vodka waters” when ordering a round then confusing the already frazzled bartender with three different vodka somethings.

Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach, or any fruity cocktails with drinks as colourful as their names, are usually ordered by females who are not regular drinkers and want something fruity that “tastes like juice” so that they can actually sip it without it looking like poison. Likely thanks to its memorable name and “Shirley Temple for grown-ups” taste, this cocktail provides a safe bet.

Martinis say two things about its drinkers, both male and female. Double the alcohol content compared to regular cocktails, even the fruitiest tasting martinis are not for those with weak tolerances, especially when entertaining clients. Unless slowly sipping on one for well over an hour, the martini drinker intends on a nice, quick buzz and doesn’t care about the price, with martinis averaging at least $6.00 more than other options.

When a young professional orders a glass of champagne, it’s usually a sign that they enjoy the finer things in life. They’re going out for a classy social experience, not to drink for the sake of feeling the alcohol. There’s probably a celebratory reason for going out when someone orders champagne, which can easily make an occasion feel a special. The lady who orders bubbly shows sophistication, while the gentleman who orders her one has a fine eye for quality. Consider staying for the conversation. 

Rum and coke
You probably wouldn’t find too many ladies ordering one of these. Rum and Coke is a gentleman’s drink, and a tough one at that. There’s nothing fancy about it, just a straight-edged mixture of hard liquor and caffeine that will likely catch up with you faster than expected. Nothing says ‘I’m ready for a party’ like a rum and coke, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find the YP male steering away from this mixed drink once the first round makes its way to the table. 

Beer drinkers are usually more down-to-earth and low-maintenance, or at least in a laid back mood. Beers are usually consumed with a casual mindset for the YP, without the expectation of an overly ambitious night that is reminiscent of our university keg party days. A girl who drinks beer is usually easier to please, wholesome and less fussy than her cosmopolitan drinking coworker. Usually.

Anyone who orders a scotch typically has a refined sense of taste and style. One of the few things commonly served straight, minus the few ice cubes and occasional splash of soda, scotch is not a first choice for the novice drinker.  

Wine says civilized, without the pretention of champagne. After-work wine drinkers are typically looking to relax and unwind from the workday or workweek without getting too carried away. If ordered in a typically unconventional place, like a sports bar, it may mean that, as we have seen with a few fellow YPs, it is the only thing they drink and usually with dinner.

Red Bull
The Red Bull drinker is usually driving, on a deadline for the morning, or is trying to take a month off drinking, as most YPs do from time to time. Either that, or they are attempting to convey a message of responsibility to clients, coworkers or significant others.

Vodka Red Bull
This drink says three things about its drinkers: they have a long night of partying ahead of them, are looking to party, and are either looking to spend their money or are liberal with their wallets, as the vodka and the Red Bull must be purchased separately as per liquor laws.

Of course your choice of beverage isn’t the only thing that reveals character – the venue is a determining factor as well.