What You Were Most Grateful For This Holiday Season in Toronto

And the winner is…

The Absence of a Crippling Ice Storm & The Christmas Markets.

Tobogganing is fun, but usually only when you don’t have to dodge frayed power lines and tree corpses. And while enjoying a fire-lit evening with a blanket and your boo is cozy, stress-levels tend to rise when your hot chocolate is freezing cold and you need a flashlight just to find the bathroom.

That’s why we totally understand why most of you were most thankful that we didn’t have to deal with a spirit-bashing ice storm straddling our beloved Christmas holidays.

And without Jack Frost putting his snowshoe to our unmentionables, we were able to enjoy the abundance of beautiful, energetic Christmas markets held across Toronto. From Roncesvalles to The Distillery, we were never short of hand-made ornaments, spiked cider, and goofy families taking group photos every time they passed a pretty big Christmas tree.

Close behind in 3rd place was the success of our sports franchises. The Toronto Raptors are actually in 1st place in the Eastern Conference. Yes, FIRST. Ahead of LeBron’s old team and ahead of LeBron’s new team. Ahead of everyone. And the Leafs are tied for 6th! They’re 37-20! They’re winning more than they’re losing! That’s not embarrassingly horrible! CHRISTMAS MIRACLES DO EXIST!!

While a few other items made your list, those were the highlights. The breakdown is below; if you have anything you’d like to say or add, please leave it in the comments. Or next time, be grateful you live in a world of Online Democracy and exercise your right to vote…



Cover image from: istock.com/ogergo

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