What You Missed at the Vancouver Discovery Sessions

A jam-packed room. A Yaletown hot-spot. 150 young professionals.

This wasn’t the typical night Vancouverites have come to expect from The Parlour.

Sipping on glasses of wine served by Apothic (guests were treated to Apothic’s classic Red, White and Rose all evening long) and settling in for a spot – if they were lucky enough to grab a seat – young professionals prepared to listen to a pillar of the local community as he recounted his years of knowledge and experience.

John Evans, President & CEO, Trilogy Group of Companies & OPUS Hotels Corporation, began his talk.

Then everything stopped.

John’s story was both heartbreaking and beautiful. It was courageous and compelling.

His journey included leaving a marriage of 24 years with children to build a life with another man. But also to build a greater friendship with his wife.

There wasn’t a person in the room who wasn’t pulled in by the intimacy of John’s revelations.

Beyond the personal, it was also extremely impressive to see just how far John had come from a time when the world communicated differently, when Vancouver landmarks were only beginning, and how the business world has advanced since then.

He spoke of the reasons relationships are not only key in one’s career, but also in one’s own story.

For a young professional, these were words of pure inspiration.

Sneaking in food from The Parlour kitchen like the Ahi lettuce wraps, bruschetta, and slices of the Yaletown ‘za  – this Discovery Session was a one of a kind experience in a city that all too often fails to provide something rare.

Whether an intimate event or full-blown party – this is what makes us Notable.

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Photo Credit: Christopher Thorn

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