What You Missed at the Montreal Discovery Sessions

Bowie. Madonna. Collins.


Then keep reading.

Last Thursday, September 25th, Crescent Street’s stylish multilevel spot, Newtown, played host to a truly Notable evening. 

Newtown’s top two levels quickly filled with over 150 young professionals and entrepreneurs eager to experience the Notable and Apothic Wines Discovery Sessions, which included the opportunity to meet one of Montreal’s most iconic show business personalities.

Sipping on glasses of Apothic Red and White the first portion of the evening was all about networking, socializing, and indulging in the wine on Newtown’s spectacular terrace while overlooking downtown Montreal.

Not a bad way to start.

After about an hour, guests made their way down to the wine room where the star of the night was about to take her seat with Notable.ca CEO Julian Brass and tell stories that engaged, amazed, and truly inspired.

Genevieve Borne has over 20 years of experience in the television industry, and has been in the newsroom during the most sizzling moments, in both music and world history, this century has had to offer.  

She’s interviewed everyone from Madonna to David Bowie, been the spokesperson for the Festival de Mode & Design, walked fabulous runways as a model, been a Musique Plus Host, the face of Cover Girl’s campaign in Quebec – actually, we’re going to stop here, ‘cause the list of her career achievements goes on and on.

As impressive as Genevieve’s career is, however, her travels have been just as notable. With a passport full of stamps most of us can only dream of, Borne shared that she travels regularly to document and photograph exotic cultures in countries such as Argentina, China, and recently her favorite, India, for Évasion, a French language television specialty channel.

Not only have her travels had a noticeable impact on her style, but they’ve also allowed her to immerse herself in the world of photography, an engagement which often leads to exhibits showcasing her experiences. 

Genevieve’s infectious energy and passion for not only her career, but also life in general, left us with a quote that sums up this icon perfectly:

“I want to be remembered as kind, friendly, and generous.”

The room burst into applause and a hundred camera flashes went off as Genevieve got up and thanked everyone for joining the sessions.

To end the evening off, Apothic Wine kept flowing until 9pm while guests interacted with Genevieve on a more personal level, indulged in delicious canapés provided by Newtown, and shared with us that the Discovery Sessions were an experience they wish they’ll have a chance to live through again.

This is Notable.ca ladies and gents – intimate, interactive, and real.

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