What Would You Want to See in a Canada Emoji Set All About Our Culture?

Yesterday was all about the release of Apple’s new emoji keyboard pack

And while there were some notable additions – characters with diverse skin tones and same-sex families, to name a few – the most significant for Canadians was the inclusion of our flag in the travel tab. 

Finally, a direct way to display our national pride that doesn’t involve configuring a trio of red shapes with a maple leaf.

But as Yahoo! so pressingly asked, is it enough?

Of course not. Emojis are going to replace words someday soon, so you bet we want to express ourselves in a way that’s identifiably Canuck. Bailed on your date? Send them a ‘sorry’ post-it. Scrambling for dinner plans? A poutine graphic will solve that.

Yahoo! already got the ball rolling with a set of clever additions, from Rob Ford to a majestic Mountie, but we want even more. 

So we’re asking you: If Canada had its own set of emojis, what’s one quintessentially Canadian pixel of our culture you want to see included?

Let us know on our Facebook page and we’ll follow up with the best suggestions next week.


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