What the Hell is CraveTV?

‘Tis the season for too much TV-watching.

And with the office closed and your email finally silenced, you don’t even have to feel guilty doing so.

One thing you’ve probably heard a lot about this season is Bell Media’s video-on-demand service CraveTV.

Like its competitors, the service offers thousands of hours of exclusive on-demand TV series, comedy specials, and documentary programming to get you through the holidays and the looming winter months. It’s available on your TV, mobile device, or computer. 

So what’s all the buzz about? How is this not just Netflix with a different name? Read on, friends, read on…

‘Tis the Season
With both the time off during the holidays and the dark, depressing months of January and February ahead, there’s no better time to get your list of “hibernation season” staples sorted. Almost as important as comfy sweats is a solid TV plan. CraveTV’s launch couldn’t have come at a more strategic time, especially in the wake of those Black Friday TV purchases.

Its Record-Breaking PR Stunt
Its extensive marketing initiatives have made CraveTV impossible to ignore. For its launch a few weeks back, four TV-loving Torontonians (two dropped out) broke the 90-hour world record for binge watching (they watched 91 hours) at special booths set up at Bell Media’s Queen Street headquarters. Adding to the visibility factor, TSN’s Cabbie Richards hosted the event, which generated much coverage on local news networks. Over the coming months, we can expect an extensive TV, radio, digital, and outdoor campaign from Bell Media that will include more than 20 unique creative executions.

Its Price  
At $4.00 per month for all you can watch, Bell is making the service available at a lower cost than rivals Shomi and Netflix, which are both $8.99. And in the wake of the holiday season dollar dropping, affordability is key.

It Supports Canadian TV
Subscribers will be able to watch Canadian-made television series like “Saving Hope” a night before they air on primetime television – as long as they don’t ruin it for the rest of us, that is. Even though Canadian TV is better than ever (yes, seriously), it sadly still needs all the support it can get.

The Seinfeld Factor
CraveTV is the only service in North America with streaming rights to “Seinfeld.” Enough said.

So, Is It Worth It?
While the price is an attractive selling feature, the most annoying aspect of CraveTV is in its very name. That’s right, you’ll need a cable TV subscription to access CraveTV, as the service is “designed to complement the traditional television ecosystem,” according to a Bell Media press release. Not only that, but the TV theme means you won’t find any movies here. Not one.

So, if you’re already a Bell, Bell Aliant, Eastlink, or TELUS Optik TV subscriber, CraveTV probably makes sense as an add-on. But if you live and die by what you watch on the internet, you likely already know how to see any show you want anyway.

One thing’s for certain though, whether you choose to subscribe or not, you’ll be hearing a lot more about CraveTV over the Holidays and well into the New Year.


Cover image from: Crave TV

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