What Success Means for Young Professionals

Success is a word that really can’t be defined in all-encompassing terms; its interpretation relies on an endless scope of variables, ranging from societal to familial, and regional to those specific to certain industries. One thing is certain, though, which is that one’s definition of success is deeply tied to goals, whether materialistic, personal or spiritual. We tend to get the most interesting answers when asking young professionals and entrepreneurs in our popular daily feature series how they would define success – here are some of the top answers:

“Success is finding your true passion and never actually “working” a day in your life.”
Massimo D’Argenio, Director of Marketing, BMW MINI Laval 


“I like to measure success in terms of people, and whether I’ve been able to have a positive impact on each person that I meet, however small it may be.”
Anne Connelly, Dignitas International 


“I believe success is the result of a person’s lifelong commitment to fulfilling their purpose. The teacher who has committed their life to opening the minds of their students is successful. A member of Médecins Sans Frontières working in a developing country to bring medical services to underserved communities is successful. Success is not accidental, and it is certainly not a number on a balance sheet.”
Sidney Molepo, functional sculptor


“Waking up and going to work with a team that you love. Now that’s living the dream!”
Anatoliy Melnichuk, Michele Romanow and Ryan Marien, Buytopia


“For us, success is a path travelled, not a destination. There is no finish line for success. Success is living everyday to its fullest and feeling satisfaction with how you live your life.” 
Chris Korres and Anthony Mete, Co-founders, ACRE 


“To me success looks like living a life I love, optimal health and vitality, happiness, financial freedom, travel, being active every day and eating healthy foods that nourish my body.” 
Adele Tevlin, Founder, Adele Wellness 


“Success from moment to moment has to be measured with a different yardstick. I often feel some of my greatest successes as an actor are working through a scene in a small room, in front of only two other people, for a part that ultimately might be for someone else. Or in front of the lights and cameras of a film set. It is an intangible feeling of being so connected to the material that you lose yourself in the moment. To be truly successful would mean to be able to feel that I have the opportunity to act at my highest level whenever I wanted. Of course winning a few awards and being able to afford an ocean-side home would be a nice token of success.”
Chad Connell, Actor