What Made Us Fall In Love With Toronto This Week: September 27 October 3

This past week Toronto showed off its world-class creativity and motivation in architecture, style, and theater.


Whether it was dressing up, belting out, or getting around, this great city had you covered. It also made for some pretty great pictures…  

We’re Getting a Sky Park!! Oh, and Another GO Station
WE’RE GETTING A SKY PARK!! Don’t know exactly what a Sky Park is? That’s ok, neither did we. But we were confident that it had something to do with putting a park in the sky, so obviously we knew it was going to be awesome.

This past Tuesday it was announced that a 2.7 million sq. ft., two-tower, all-glass, premium office complex is going up at Bay and Front (45-141 Bay) and at the base of the 45 Bay location will be a massive GO Station that will increase their bus trips by 50%. And you know what’s going to be connecting the two towers, elevated above the downtown railway corridor…A ONE ACRE SKY PARK! Ya, New York may have beaten us to the punch on this concept, but it’s still super exciting.

We’re continuing to expand our downtown core, we’re improving transportation for Torontonians and most importantly, WE’RE GETTING A SKY PARK.    

Our Men Got Even Sexier
And just when we thought we couldn’t get any sexier, we go out and do something like this…and open a Holt Renfrew just for men. It’s two floors, 16,500 sq. ft., and has every upscale clothing option a stylish gentleman could want. With a room dedicated to footwear, over 100 of the world’s most elite brands, ties, sunglasses, sweaters, and suits, you simply can’t go wrong. With this new location just opened on Bloor, Fashion Startup Week, and World MasterCard Fashion Week hitting in the next few weeks, this city is reminding us that there isn’t a polar vortex in the universe that can stop us from looking hot.

We Held Open Auditions Trey Parker’s New Musical
Our streets are alive with the sound of music, people. If you couldn’t tell by the success of The Book of Mormon, this city loves Trey Parker and Trey Parker loves this city. In fact, we love each other so much that Toronto will be the official debut city for Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical in 2015. And because everyone knows how talented this city is, this week, we held open auditions for the cast. Yes, entirely open auditions. How cool is that?! 

This production actually started back in the day as a three-minute trailer that Trey put together for a film project at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Now, re-adapted for the stage by theatrical big-wig Christopher Bond (the guy now directing the North American tour of the Toronto-based Evil Dead: The Musical) it’s just about ready to take on the world.

And what better place to start taking on the world than Toronto…


Cover image and top image from: www.ivanhoecambridge.com

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