What Made Us Fall in Love With Toronto This Week: October 25 to 31

This week we celebrated our democracy in more ways than one. Whether you were dressed in bandage or bondage, or you simply joined a few arrows to make a point, Toronto showed a lot of life this week… and just the right amount of death.

The Halloween Bug
First of all, do you remember the song C’est l’Halloween? Man, talk about a throwback. Anyway, what we really loved this week was how consumed the city got by the friendly epidemic that is All Hallows’ Eve. Thousands of people from kids to geezers dressed up and lurched the streets for the 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade. Costume stores were gushing with customers (many still are) and candy was flying off the shelves like detangler at a werewolf’s hair salon. And tonight this city is about to wake up the dead with more parties than you can shake a broom at. Est ce que tu aimes les méchants esprits? Oh, Monsieur… Oui oui oui oui oui!

We Properly Acknowledged Democracy… and Technology
SIXTY ONE PER CENT of eligible voters participated in the Toronto municipal elections this year. That’s a NINETEEN per cent larger turnout than 2010. Did we choose wisely? That remains to be seen. But at least we had the opportunity to choose and most of us did. And just as importantly, after we chose, we made sure that all the votes were properly and efficiently counted by using magical contraptions called “computers.” Did you know in the US they still use paper ballots, punch card ballots and computerized ballots all in the same election? We’re, like, pretty much in the future.    

We Properly Acknowledged Sexuality… and its Limits
Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to live in a city where every hobby, religion, gender and lifestyle, no matter how “weird” or shocking, is provided some degree of space and respect… as long as nobody is unwillingly harmed. We held the 15th Annual Everything To Do With Sex Show this past weekend and thousands upon thousands of people attended both excited and safe. We allowed the city’s population to embrace their more kinky side without glaring condescension or marginalization. And shortly thereafter, we had a major newspaper apply significant pressure to an investigation of a nationally beloved celebrity’s private sexual behaviour because there is a possibility he may have crossed some pretty serious lines. We make no comment or judgment on that particular situation other than to say this: it is beyond comforting to live in a city where so many people attempt to protect our rights to good life with such passion – regardless of where those rights lie on the spectrum of what is fair.

Nice work, Toronto.    


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