What Made Us Fall In Love With Toronto This Week: October 18 24

Not only can this city be fun, but it can be supportive and enlightening. From roof-raisers to fund-raisers and all the way to art, food and sex, Toronto made its rounds this week and gave us a little something something for everyone… 

Party Season Got Into Full Swing
For every one Torontonian whining about the weather and fearing the impending sequel to The Polar Vortex, there are now at least five ho are straight-up excited about the incredible social events we all have on deck. This past week, we started to get a taste and it’s just so good when it hits your lips… we had fashion week after-parties, circus-themed fundraisers, awards galas and more. The social spirit is on the rise in this city and people are really starting to feel it. So start filling up those calendars with your favourite people and those glasses with your favourite drinks; the Toronto party bus is leaving the station and it has a full tank of gas.


Charity Season Got Into Full Swing
There is no question that as a whole, we are a conscious, compassionate community all year round (that goes for all the cities in this kick-ass country). But this past week in Toronto we really amped things up, setting the stage for a fall/winter season sure to provide gifts for those who need them the most. Through its climbs, walks, runs and parties, this city has already raised hundreds of thousands of cumulative dollars for causes like breast cancer, youth poverty, autism and many more. Looking back on this past week alone as we flip through our Movember and December fundraiser plans, we’re confident that by the end of the year, while we’ll have filled up on plenty of holiday ham, we’ll have also stuffed our fair share of piggy banks.      

Cultural Bases = Covered
The cultural breadth of events we kicked off and hosted in this city in the last seven days was actually remarkable. In the arts and aesthetics department, we launched our world-class fashion week as well as a Michelangelo exhibit, a break-dance-plus-classical-music-performance and a stunning, home-grown photography display in the Canary District. If cuisine is your thing you might have attended The Delicious Food Show or the foodie-fundraiser Taste Matters. Music lovers could have checked out the London Philharmonic or Fleetwood Mac, amongst others. Book enthusiasts got the International Festival of Literature (still running), comedy enthusiasts got an intimate session with Lena Dunham or The Big City Improv Festival (still running) and, well, erm, “anatomy enthusiasts” are getting The Everything About Sex show. So thanks for hooking us up, Toronto; we could not have asked for anything more. 


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