What it’s Like to Fly ‘Mint’, JetBlue’s Perfect Median Between First and Business Class

DirecTV and SiriusXM access, lie-flat seats, craft beer, and Grey Goose cocktails, super-fast Wi-Fi – these are just some of the perks of travelling with JetBlue’s highly raved-about premium class

Quite fittingly, it’s called Mint. And it’s not just the amenities that has people going crazy with glee. 

With flights starting around $1200 round-trip (New York to LA), Mint offers a decently affordable upscale air travel option that’s roughly half the price as first-class trips offered by other airlines. It’s the perfect median between first and business class, and catching fire with consumers who are getting increasingly shafted by standard economy conditions.

Other luxuries include massage chair functionality, 100 available TV channels, multiple power outlets, gourmet(ish) food by New York City’s Saxon + Parole, organic ice cream, high-quality espresso, and complimentary grooming products.

Here’s what it looks like to fly Mint…and please, please start flying to Canada.

All images courtesy of JetBlue


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