What Colour is This Dress? No, Really, We Have No Idea…

Yesterday, Tumblr user swiked posted a picture of her dress frantically asking her followers what colour it was. Turns out she was at odds with her friends as they went full white girl trying to figure out the colour. Was it black and blue? Or was it white and gold? They couldn’t come to an agreement.
Unfortunately for swiked, it wasn’t just them. Soon after, the internet caught fire and pictures of the dress began popping up everywhere. It seemed nobody could agree which colour it was; the world seemed split between blue/black and white/gold.

As it turns out, we aren’t all going insane and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for what’s happening (sort of). As detailed in this Wired.com article, the webwide dress chaos is the result of a trick of optics. Apparently when light is bouncing around off of things and into your retina, based on the way your eye is structured as well as the lighting situation, this kind of thing can occur.

Now, this may be true and some might be satisfied with just the “technical” explanation. But we’re still going crazy trying to figure this out.

Don’t worry though, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the dress is definitely blue… er… white… damn it.

Are you #teamblackandblue or #teamwhiteandgold?


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