We’re Officially Declaring This the Most Powerful Holiday Commercial Ever

This is easily the most powerful commercial of the year, if not ever.

The spot is an advert for German supermarket chain Edeka (English subs), which, like most great commercials, has very little to do with the actual product or service being advertised. It’s racked up almost 20 million views in three days with unanimous review – “I can’t believe I’m sitting here bawling over a supermarket commercial.”

We, too.

Without giving away too much of the plot, the narrative revolves around an Opa whose family is always too busy to see him during the holidays. It features a significant twist of unparalleled badass-ery and elderly man who cried wolf, followed by the message ‘time to come home’.

It will make you call your parents/grandparents/relatives/distant cousins/cants and dogs immediately – after you’re done shedding a few tears.

Seriously, watch it and try not to cry: