Well Juicery: A Less Ridiculous Cleanse Option

Today we’re throwing out the “c-word.” And before you start blushing, relax. We’re talking about cleanses. These days we’ll do just about anything to look and feel our most fit, including things that border on complete lunacy. If you’ve been looking for something to help kickstart your health regimen, you should read up on Well Juicery.

Created by a group of cold-pressed juice pioneers in Calgary, this 17th Avenue micro-juicery offers several tasty bottled selections to help you ease into one and two-day juice cleanses, an option that seems sustainable compared to most.

But before we get to Well Juicery, let’s take a quick look at some of the most insane health fads out there.

The Ice Cream Cleanse.
While certain cool kids in Venice Beach have turned to raw vegan coconut ice cream as the answer, we’re advising you against this based on pure common sense.

There’s no way eating the mint chocolate chip flavour seven days straight is doing anything for you.

Baby Food.
Jenifer Aniston might have used this trick to get into shape, but this can’t be the solution for normal people. Have you ever tried baby food? If you haven’t, one spoonful of the mashed carrots will probably send you running in the opposite direction.

It’s disgusting with a capital ‘D’.

Now, we’re not trying to discredit this form of cleansing. For some people it works. But if you’ve ever had to listen to someone recount their colonic experience after a few glasses of wine at a dinner party, it kind of makes you go, “yeah, not for me.”

If you’re going this route, treat it like your bankcard PIN – keep it a secret.

Now, back to Well Juicery. If you’re new to juice cleanses, then we seriously recommend the 1 day cleanse that comes with five juices and one Well Mylk.

Whether it’s something to get you going first thing in the morning; or something to give you that afternoon lift without Starbucks, there’s enough of a selection in the 1-day pack to keep your day interesting.

Not into veggies? This is the perfect way to sneak in some of those hard to get greens. If you’re one of those people who struggle with celery – sans peanut butter and raisins – this is a great alternative.

Worried about calories? Don’t be. There’s barely any in these juices and they’re so much more satisfying than that vodka water you were planning on having later.

Planning on hitting the gym? The Well Mylk – made with a most delicious mixture of almond milk, Medjool dates, vanilla and cinnamon – is actually the perfect thing to drink post-sweat.

If this all sounds appealing ,you can definitely step up your order; but for most people, starting with the 1-day will be enough to feel like you’ve given your system a proper break.

So before you hop on a ridiculous cigarette and apple cleanse (sorry, Christian Bale), why not keep it sustainable and support a local business that’s committed to helping you find reasonable ways to stay on top of your health? 


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