We’ll Have Seconds: This Instagram Account Makes Junk Food Look Like Gourmet Meals

Weekends and junk food are pretty much synonymous.

Which is why you may want to start following @chefjacqueslamerde today.

The Instagram account basically makes junk food look like a 5-star meal. And makes you feel better for eating it in the process.

From gummy dinosaurs, Pop-Tarts, and Hostess cupcakes, to powdered Kraft Dinner cheese, @chefjacqueslamerde has the ability to style anything to look like the fanciest meal you’ve ever had.

Even though it is definitely not.

A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on Feb 14, 2015 at 1:42pm PST

He breaks everything down into small, dainty, artistic portions that almost disguise the fact that the dishes contain practically zero nutritional value.

Perhaps even better than the shots themselves are the ridiculous LOL-worthy captions. 

The account is only a few months old, but so far Chef Jacques already has 13K followers. 

Which begs the question, is junk food really that bad if it can look this good?

(Yes, yes it is.)



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